A new resource studio for home, construction
and design ideas.


To provide a distinctive selection of home products and services for homeowners, builders and architects.

To create long-lasting, like-minded partnerships that inspire creative home reflection.

To quietly assist clients in their own creative destruction of small or large areas of their homes by offering services and solutions to support their dreams.

In-House is located at 53 Bradford Street. in Provincetown.
In-House is located at 53 Bradford Street. in Provincetown.

About Deborah Paine:

Deborah has been a builder for 31 years. She created IN-HOUSE to extend her design-build experience to her clients, providing distinctive quality fixtures, furnishings, and accessories for their homes.

Deborah arrived in in Provincetown in 1989. Before that, she enjoyed a long stint in California and spent time on an island off the coast of Maine. A lover of all things saltwater, she is happiest in a small coastal town where freedom and familiarity are inherent.

Deborah has felt a passion for home since her since childhood. Incessantly inquisitive and resourceful, she takes on projects with a ‘what could be‘ attitude. Whether she’s remodeling, home building, or recreating spaces, she offers solutions and makes connections to best serve the project.

Around Provincetown, Deborah is often identified by her trucks, her site signs, or the wonderful work she leaves behind at the end of a project. She is thrilled to open the doors at IN-HOUSE and invite neighbors and visitors alike into her space.

At IN-HOUSE, Deborah shares her love of all things home.