Why am I doing this?

Posted on September 14, 2015 in In-House Musings

bespoke-dining-tableThe reaction I got when I first told acquaintances I was opening a show room was: “ What? Aren’t you busy enough? Where are you going to find the time?” I got that constantly. I chuckled a lot.

Perhaps this will be part of the answer:

I’ve been building for 32 years. Obsessed by creating. A perfectionist by nature. It was a natural transition from a childhood of building forts, fixing up dump-provided boats, walking the shore and dragging flotsam home, and sticking my nose in windows of beautiful homes that I would come across. Nothing gave me more pleasure than those experiences.

As I continued to build for myself and others, I also started taking notice of how my clients approached their interiors.

Some had a concept and vision from the beginning. Others waited till the project really took shape, and inevitably there was interaction with me. What do you think of this or that? What would you do here or there? I found those imaginative exercises as enjoyable as building. And, when it came to my own personal projects, I enjoyed experimenting.

If the building project creates the vessel, than the interior fit and finish is part of the special provenance contained within.

After: Custom designed light fixture.
Before: A sketch for a custom light fixture.

I’m going to blame this all on cell phones and tablets. We’ve all become so attached at the hip to our devices and our connections to work and friends. Obsessively so. It seems there’s not a lot of time left in the day, week, or month. I found as time went on my clients were unable to get away for any length of time to visit specialty showrooms to choose the countless items necessary to complete the finish. A few tried and successfully chose product through the internet, but many still wanted to see it, hold in their hands, and talk about it with me. So the idea of having a place for quiet contemplation about these products slowly germinated. When I became a cabinet dealer 3 years ago, it started to become a necessity and conceptual reality.

So here we are. In-House at 53 Bradford St, Provincetown. A quiet place to talk about all things building. A place to put your eyes and hands on some great quality cabinetry and lines of other finishes. The showroom is curated based on my personal favorites and items that are not your everyday. Yes, we have cabinets for a white Cape Cod coastal kitchen. Absolutely – at any price point, with the best quality available. We also have cabinet lines that are either cutting edge or outside the box that will hopefully make you think about what coastal cabinetry could be, and how it could be harmonious in your environment.

Biomorphic table design: Glass, walnut slab, and maple combined with Danish teak and leather chairs
Biomorphic table design: Glass, walnut slab, and maple combined with Danish teak and leather chairs
Custom Side Table – The beginning of a new line from In-House.

Some items are one of a kind. Some are reflections of great design from the past. Some are new. Some are custom designs, collaborations between myself and artisans near and far to fabricate for a client. For example, a new white oak dining table and side table in collaboration with a local wood worker (see pictures). The dining table pictured is shown with Moller 53 chairs I sourced for the client straight from the 50’s. I also have another exciting table in the showroom: Biomorphic, glass, walnut slab, and maple combined with Danish teak and leather chairs. My collaborators and I are constantly sharing visions, thoughts, and sketches about items we could bring to life that are different and personable.

Whatever vision a client may have, I do have the resources to make that a reality now. My hope is to surprise and excite and provide one-stop-shopping for the client, builder, and architect.